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'A Pair of Updates - Racer 2 and Bad Mood Beta are considered here. Do they match up to the heavy burden of expectations?

Cho Ren Sha - The fast and the furious will become the slow and the knackered after half an hour with this great arcade quality shooter ported from the Sharp X68000 to the Atari Falcon!

Alice's Mom's Rescue - Orion gives us his take on cutesy eastern styled high quality platform action for both the Atari Jaguar and Falcon CT60!

Laserball 2015 - It's a super-duper 'Deflector' for the 21st century on the Atari STE, from SimonCam.

Anarcho Ride - A racing game quite unlike any other, but possible quite a lot like a typical journey to work? The second game from SimonCam this year.

Yopaz Ice - A rare venture into Atari GEM compatible games from Orion. This arcade puzzler can play on anything from a stock ST to a Firebee.

Of Lasers and Men It was compelling, atmospheric, but also slow and jerky. Has the passage of time served this game well or not?

00oo - Maggie 25th Anniversary - Released Jan 2016.. - oo00