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                   STNICCC 25th Anniversary Realtime Article!

19.52hrs - 18.12.15

And the realtime article is now open!!

Usual rules apply, ah, what the hell, you'll do as you please anyway!

Well there is one thing.  It applies to the organiser of this party, Mr
Kronos  himself.  Any  demi-holy  spoutings  of text will  have  to  be
certified  by  the  pope,  or  Dali  Lama  (Jeff  Minter).  Any  unholy
ejaculations will not be permitted!

 CiH - So nearly time for dinner!

19.58hrs - 18 dec 2015

earx  here.  just  arrived 2 hrs ago..  already filling up with all the
familiar faces and some less familiar faces from before the time i  was
involved in the demo scene, real oldschool st guys.

this stacy is really sweet. it seems to have mega st keyboard, which is
all  nice and clicky.  rich seems to have borrowed it from the computer
museum.  good job.   since this is an atari party i'll work a bit on my
ST midi sequencer  here. :)

20:59 - 18 dec

The  Frenchieshqve finally found the party place.  Quite a bunch of  us
actually. Hate this qwerty keyboard.

21.19 - 18 12 15

An amazingly keen dinner followed my first log entry, along with the
most amazing atmosphere of companionship and good cheer. I opted for
seconds of both.

There  are some interesting releases due from some interesting  people.
I've been sworn to secrecy on one of these. I may reveal more later on.
By the time the compo's have done, it's academic anyway.


Rainbow here, Felice's wife. I've been put up to this by CiH, who wants
a  random  drunken text entry.  Tough.  I'm not drunk.  Swapped my Acer
laptop  keyboard  for a real old-skool reminder of what  the  keyboards
were  like  when  I was in secretarial school around  a  quarter  of  a
century ago...eep.

   First time for this Stacy2 out of the UK I think but it seems to  be
holding  up  well.  CiH got it configured rather well for the  realtime
stuffs so here we go !



So  it is about 15 years and 15 kilos on,  and here I am sitting behind
the Atari computer I'd always had on my wish list. With a keyboard that
I really have to get used too.

This day, in fact the past half year, has been an avalanche culminating
in,  well,  a near-orgiastic old-skool Atari experience.  And once I am
getting  used  to the keyboard I am not too bad,  although  my  English
sentence structure goes down the drain.

Back  to about 12 hours ago,  when I was sitting alone in this building
doing little manual stuff to prepare for STNICCC. Now I am hearing chip
music and  there are people all over the place doing Atari-ey stuff.
It is just about the same as years ago, but now we're older and have
children  and/or wives, or at least wish more frantically that we'd
have them.

I  am more beat than I care to admit and tomorrow hasn't even  happened
yet. Tomorrow is going to be utterly, utterly, UTTERLY awesome.
Back to others, I will be back somewhen.



Most  expected  people for Friday have arrived.  In a shock  repeat  of
events from 2000 (and 1990,  according to the party organiser himself),
the various nationalities and sub-strata of the Atari scene have  split
themselves  off into different rooms.  The Frenchies taking up a lot of
space in bulk at the back of the school.    It's happened here too.  In
our  classroom of fun,  the main companions  are the cycling duo of PHF
with  gwEm  and other related people.  With a  smattering of  Earx  and

The  party is at a lull stage,  where various options,  including going
out on the Xmassy lit Gouda old town are being considered. We'll see.


Grazey here,  gwEm just attempted to lift this stacy - struggle was the

 saturday 1:00AM

earx on the keys.. this party is sweet. dinner was a professional afair
with  a  lot  of  space,  in  fact there's  a  great  amount  of  space
everywhere.  the  location  is great.  spoke to some more people,  even
joined  the  orgos for a bit of setting up of the  beamer  and  screen.
coded  a bit on the atari st midi step sequencer..  all in all a  great
day.  looking  forward  to tomorrow!  hitting the hay oldschool  style.
sleeping  right  here  in the building..  although,  it's really  quite
luxurious compared to the gym halls of yore!

2:34  Mr.XY trying to type on an Atari Stacy.  Never seen this  machine
working before. Unfortunately i get my Falcon not working correctly.
But i"m in the mood to do some old school gfx. Maybe on my smartphone,
or i'll go sleeping directly...crhhhh


The building is almost completely deserted.  Darkness. Day two is about
to start and I hope/think it will be corker!



I arrived at the location half an hour ago and was caught by surprise
that most people are either still taking their breakfast or sleeping.



TLB has arrived! After a nice walk trhough the old town center and some
good  coffee  at the 'Koffiefabriek' Tim (Manikin),  David  (Spaz)  and
myself  (Digital Insanity) had a rather good reunion with the  one  and
only Richard Karsmakers. Such nostalgia. It really has been 25 year...



Meeting people I only knew by nickname is a major dissapointment. They
are just regular nice human beiings like the rest of us :)

Reading all the scrolltexts when I was young made me believe they were
all tough villans with eye-patches and tattoos everywhere!
Slept well enough and took a shower..



 Standard greeting:- "Did you sleep well?"
 Standard response:- "Yes, thank you!"
 My response:- "No, my room-mate turned out to be a raving alcoholic!"

Short version (longer version will be in my party report) There  seemed
to  be potential issues with Bod.  It was the first time abroad and  he
was busy looking for sources of booze from the start.

We  got  back to the hotel at midnight and he turned up  in  reception,
having  being picked up by the police.  When asked about this,  he said
this happened quite often at home.

A  hotel purchased bottle of Jack Daniels made its way up to the  room.
And that was the end of any possible nights sleep.

Several  hours of teetering on the edge of a fight or  flight  response
followed,  whilst  the noises from the drunken corner got progressively
more alarming.

Eventually, when morning appeared. He was told that his presence in the
room  was not required for the following evening.  An attempt by Bod to
book  another  room  was  only  completed  between  the  very   patient
receptionist and myself.

At  the  time of departure from the hotel,  he was still snoring on  my
bed, but had a new room and directions how to get there left for him.

The  walk in to the party place was a soothing contrast,  with pleasant
people doing normal things. I even managed a final bit of Xmas shopping
from a dusty little shop by the canal, with interesting things.

A coffee and cake break later, I'm ready to resume party doings.

 CiH - I'll laugh about this, when I've had a proper nights sleep.


Rainbow again.  I didn't break Stacy-on-loan last time so I was allowed
to have another go.

Today,  despite the fact that I have not had breakfast or lunch yet,  I
HAVE located the free tea and coffee. Together with free biscuits.

The  cake  may be a lie,  but the biscuits are definitely  real,  yummy
cookies keeping body and soul on the same planet until lunchtime.

Teapot  on legs is enjoying the selection of fruit and herbal  teas  on
offer - a welcome change from black tea and milk which I usually  drink
pint-wise back home.

G33k out.


Baggio here.  I adore this Atari Stacy.  I wish it was mine. My own. My
precious.  The party have been great so far, alot of familiar faces and
also  alot of new ones...esp the older atari sceners i have  never  met
before. Had a good time last night but because of a rather nasty cold i
had  to  turn  in  early.  Hope to produce something  musicy  today  as
inspiration  seems to have finally found me.  Seems like alot of people
hit the drinking pretty hard last night and are having a bit of a sleep
in today. Time to leave my precious behind and try to be creative for a
bit. Cheerio!


Hi  D-Force here.  I've just gotten here an the first thing I'm looking
at is this beautiful Stacy2,  wow!  That I've gotten the chance to ever
meet this precious. And even get to touch it! :) Very very nice.

Now to find the right people here, just met some of the 'old-guys' nice
to see them again as if time has stood still. Old party feelings again.
I'm wondering what and who else I get to see here.

And  more  important  for me is that I hope that Lotharek  can  fix  my
Falcon and if there is time left MegaSTe.  Which I couldn't fix myself.
See you in a bit.


Pete  Lyon here,  Well I arrived and stunned to meet lots of people who
are  very kind about my old work.   Feel a bit of a fraud to be honest,
as I have had little to do with games for a few years.

Not used to being the centre of some interest.
I'm promised lunch... so I need some tea.

:::::Rob Hubbard here..... Met lots of really nice cool folks, and
 exchanged great stories and memories of the golden age of computers.

 Now for a bit of lunch!!

here is Oscar. richard is my dad here it is fun here with the cabs.


Lunch is in the building.  Grazey and Cal are comparing local knowledge
with  fellow Hull citizen Rob Hubbard.  They all support the  'correct'
football team, which is alright then.



Only  being  here  for less than a day,  but already had a lot  of  fun
talking  to  old  friends  of the Indypendent.  Some  things  are  just

Pictures for the compo are final.  Now it's just to hope newscool style
is  liked by oldscool people.  ;-) This afternoon we'll use the time to
head over to Amsterdam and have a little culture tour.  Just need to be
back in time for the demoshow.



Rainbow  back again.  Slowly working through the pile of teas from  the
stash  next  door.  Chocolate  tea is a bit of a misnomer,  but then  I
wasn't really expecting Dairy Milk in a teabag, was I?

Lunch  was a delicious mix of rolls,  pancakes and soup,  fortifying us
all for a long afternoon,  evening and night of coding, gaming, typing,
writing, chatter and alcohol of various persuasions.

Met  Rob  Hubbard and WizTom earlier - names and faces  slowly  falling
into place.


It's  been a long,  long time since I've ever added anything to a  real
time  article,  and  yet  it's the first time I've ever used  an  Atari
Stacy.  My  muscle  memory is too used to a normal PC keyboard,  that I
keep  pressing the ` key when I mean to press the Backspace.  How did I
type  in  so  much drivel back in the dim and  distant  days,  using  a
keyboard layout such as this?

Mug UK


Slightly hungover



Beer  run...  Obiviously  to observe only.  Bumped in to gwEm on route.
Maybe  a new tune coming from him later.  Maybe depends if he see's the



Beer run a success (Grazey a Tronic happy bunnies! :-)


14:43  This  is Armin from TOS (German mag,  folded 1993 or so).  Still
midly hammered.  Not my fault.  Daryl from TEX  is to blame who decided
not  to leave my hotel room before 4am leaving trillions of empty  beer
cans  behind.  Waiting now for some chip tune show that is supposed  to
start at 3pm. Rob Hubbard anybody?

15:43  LSL  is  showing his Nintendo DS ST  Chipsound  DJ  set.  Pretty
impressing  stuff.  Also,  seeing  TEX  lurking and shouting  anecdotes
around their old songs is somewhat unreal.


15:47 It's really impressing to have all this people around here!  Some
of them I didn't meet for almost 15 years.  Can't wait for the compos!!


16:04  Its  been a busy few hours,  and a lot of catching up  has  been
done. Some people have changed a lot in 25 years, some not so much. And
it's  been great to see the demos we worked on all that time ago  still
being loved.  Some of the art I produced still looks great today. But I
doubt I would be able to do it again.

Spaz/The Lost Boys

16:10 Having a great time here, as expected. Nice to meet friends again
and to meet people such as TLB,  Mad Max,  Rob Hubbard and so on.  They
were (and still are) legends when I was a teenager ;-) I can't wait for
the compos tonight!



This has been harvesting text nicely!

So far this afternoon, a quiet one, apart from Defjam's ST Zik chiptune
set,  which  was  nicely  noisy.  Have been taking things as slowly  as
possible, bearing in mind earlier events (!)

Of the non-prodigal son,  no sign of a return so far.  May it stay that

The latest demo rumour to reach my ears,  Cream (As in Agent T and that
lot)  have  got  something for the party.  No,  it's not  the  famously
missing in action 'Heftig', but something completely different.

But that is for laters, as they say.



Well I can't really believe how great this day has been. Twice I nearly
cried  when talking to Robb,  recounting how my seriously sad existence
of   the  late  eighties  started  with  a  ritual  of   listening   to
Knucklebusters before school, and how happy I became when I listened to
the  TEX  version  of International Karate (in the  Little  Sound  Demo
unless  I am sorely mistaken) and I realised there was a guy who  could
do good music on the ST.  Seriously,  I felt tears pricking at my right

Rob effing Hubbard actually in the same rooms as us,  here,  now, words
of  expletive power fail to describe the level of my  chuffedness.  And
Pete Lyon,  of course.  The two of them ended up posing with each other
and other attendants, patient like true professionals.

But  to  emphasize the monumental momentaciousness  of  their  presence
would  be  to  underplay  the presence of  all  the  other  attendants,
including former co- conspirator and ex-ex-ex-master editor of ST NEWS.
Mr  Stefan Posthuma.  To mention anyone here is to sell short  everyone
else, so I am not going to.

Anyway,  when  biting back a tear at lunch with my childhood heroes and
my wife,  I told her that this was probably one of the happiest moments
of my life.  I am choking up a bit now,  recollecting the moment.  Time
for me to sign off, maybe until later.



Wow.   Flashback  after  flashback  here.  Enjoyed  meeting  my  former
compagnon  @ STRIKE-a-LIGHT,  Robert again after I guess over 20 years.
Not  the  programmer myself I tip my hat to the geeks getting  so  much
wonderful sounds and sights out of so little bits.

Thanks for organizing a nostalgia feast and hope the rest of the  party
is great for you too.

 Eerk 'Eerk' Hofmeester


 Hi guys,

What a nostalgia. All those memories coming back. Haven't been involved
with  Atari  stuff  for 25 years.  Awesome to see all guys  guys  still
having fun with all of this.

 Bless you guyas,
 Robert Heessels


Mad  Max has a trip down memory lane with the help of Grazey trying  to
prove  Arkanoid  crack intro (not Bad Cat) was  the  first  digi-sample
track written.


17:15  gwEm  introduces Mad Max to the Maximiser player for  the  first
time  whilst digging out his own player he had not used since  2000  on
Grazey's ST  LFEE/Armalye


Can't  get  back to my table to continue coding,  as the huge swarm  of
fans around Jochen Hippel continues to grow.   It's incredible to think
how the accomplishments of our collective youth are still respected and
revered even today.  They were great accomplishments, but as Checkpoint
continue to remind us, don't worship the ashes - it's still good to see
people continue to discover new tricks and take the scene ever-forward



We found a new girlfriend.  Her name is Stacy.  It's amazing to see you
again after all these years :) Whoever is your boyfriend,  he did treat
you very well.

In deep appreciation, Chris of ULM - may the ZEN be with you, always.


Amazing  to  type  these lines on an Atari Stacy,  a  computer  that  I
honestly  only  had seen on pictures at the time.  It's amazing  to  be
here, my 3rd STNICCC, and seeing all these friends from the old days. I
am  also amazed at seeing all these Atari XL/XEs,  STs and Falcon  030s
(fully)  alive and kicking,  some with some nip/tuck stuff done too (SD
card readers, video cards, you name it).

I take the opportunity to thank Richard to make this happen for the 3rd

Cheers - Klaus (Vantage / ST Connexion)


Hey ULM: Thanks for kicking the bass in my face today ;-).

 Gerry (The Thalion Source)


Lots  and  lots of greets.  My sleepless night is catching up  all  too
fast. Took some time out in the chillout tent. The only issue remaining
is freeing yourself from the sucker-like embrace of the comfy chairs.

"Nooo, not the comfy chairs!"



This is Dan and RA of Paradox on the keyboard. It`s about 70 minutes to
the start of compo. The Paranoid is still busy fixing the last glitches
of  our  long awaited demo on the STE.  We will not participate in  the
compo because in the current state it wont run on the compo machine. We
consider the demo about 90% ready and expect to finish the beast in the
next  weeks.  We  will include some kind of making of in the txt  file.
Expect  an  interesting read as we started coding and  painting  around
2011 at outline in the Netherlands.

2015  turned  out to be a more-atari-related year  than  expected.  The
Paranoid  took  the  role  of whiplashing the rest  of  the  team  into
action....  And  guess  what - he is the one who is still busy by  now.
Originally i (Dan) was not expected to attend STNICC 2015 due to family
obligations.  In the end i talked myself out of it and was able to give
RA und The Paranoid a mild shocking moment. While typng i wear my brand
new  Paradox-merchandise-jacket.  I was super happy to receive my  cosy
jacket  today  with  the mail delivery.  This makes  Paradox  the  best
dressed sceners present, obviously.

A lucky surprise hit Paradox within the late production process: Zwecki
is  still alive and kicking!  He did the grafix for the middle part  of
our demo.  He did some outstanding and luckily different grafix to show
the inner part of the demo (a demo within a demo). 505 is currently not
at the party,  which is kind of sad.  He did a wonderful piece of music
that  really contributes to the storytelling of the demo.  Some of  you
may  be  surprised to see paradox developing a demo with a  story.  Our
demo tells the story of Lucy and Cookie. The story is based in a future
Berlin  city.  Our  heroes face the evil cybernetics  cooperation  that
takes over goverment,  communication and the internet in 2035. You will
see what turns out to be the final solution of our story. :)

Daryl was here

This is Mad Max on the keyboard. WHAT A GREAT EVENT! :)

This  is the awesomest party ever.  Well really,  I (Gunstick) have not
been to so many parties.  Mainly to all STNICCCs, which is easy because
there  are not so many.  On the other side this is the best occasion to
meet  all the old school ST heroes.  Really not to be missed by  anyone
into  the ST demo scene.  I brought my first ever ST in the hope to get
it repaired.  So far I got a shortly flashing desktop,  so it's still a
little  alive.  Everybody  is heavily coding on their demos or  getting
along  with  exchanging  news  from the last  15  years.  Such  frindly


Dbug^Defence-Force on the keyboard :)

It's  so cool to see again that many people after all these years,  and
apparently there's going to be quite some many prods as well!  The more
the merrier.

Looking  forward  to see what we all can do at our old age...  see  you
again in 20 years I guess?
(PS: This Stacy is so cool!)

Great to meet so many people and friends at this fantastic event.
Many thanks to Richard for making this happen!
The ST is dead. Long life the ST!
See you all in 25 years.

 Oxygene / The Lost Boys

Well good so far.  Once again at the pleasure of meeting some legendary
old school folk!  Bumped into Rob Hubbard on arrival and myself Rob and
Cal  soon  descended  into indecipherable Hull speak,  or  rather  'ull
speak. Quick photo then onwards upstairs to monst work. Later bopped to
defjam's chip medley....  then Mr Max. We first met at STNICCC2K when I
showed  him  and early version of Ultimate Muzak Demo  8730,  15  years
later  and jochen once again loads up his TFMX-MM editor on my  machine
and  gives  the  new scene an example of live composing.  Nice  to  see
Jochen conversing with the new school musicians - gwEm and DMA-SC  with
maxYMiser  in  the  spot  light.  A great discussion  followed  in  the
intracacies of ST chip music techiques.

I had a deep converation with Jochen about the progression of his  chip
driver,  one  question I'd forgotten to ask him at STNICCC2K was  which
tune was the first to feature digi drums, the general school of thought
was  it was from the game Bad Cat.  However recently I ripped the  chip
music  from an early TEX crack of Arkanoid,  this featured what sounded
like a digi drum,  Mad Max was intrigued - on the face of it,  it looks
liked  I'm right,  but hopefully I will get this confirmed if I  remain
sober  enough after the demo compos...  Ok people overlooking  me......
time for the compos!

 Grazey/PHF - Showaddywaddy/D-Bug

Just  got a lecture from Mr Bee om his 3D bootsector demo he  made  for
STNICCC  2015:  A rotating cube with the OVR logo with some nice coding
ideas in there.  The coordinate encoding only takes 4 bites per vertex.
It  also  checks for a 68030 processor and enables the code  cache  for
improved  performance.  After  Mr Bee's lecture I got into  a  friendly
argument on how to draw polygon lines properly.  Unfortunately, I don't
remember  why  I did them the way I explained.  It had something to  do
with  'correct'  enclosings or whatever.  Anyway,  I'm eager to see the
demo  compos!  I'm  starting to feel the itch and scratch it with  some
Atari St Code - who knows!


I  just discovered the Motorola,  the manufacturer of the 68000 MCU has
become  Freescale,  which  was bought by NXP,  and is hence now a  Duch
company (I work for). Great guys to work with. Live proceeds in circles
sometimes. Kybernetez -  TGE

Hi D-Force again here, this time it's already to go.
Have had lots of FUN here and Until next time?
Made some new friends even and some lots of legends.
Havoc was running Havoc and I just handed him some help.
The Next Party will bee even more awesome.
Played with the new Synthesizer from Earx and it sounds soo nice!
Trying to get my Falcon fixed, didn't worked out :(
Signing off.. D-Force

00:29 Compos have finished.  We have seen very, very good stuff, coming
from legends of the Atari scene, from the current scene and from people
who literally hadn't released anything before STNICCC 2015.  This was a
great feeling, and I'm glad I could be here to see this ! Thanks to all
competitors  for  having given us so much fun and shown  it  was  still
possible  to  push our beloved machines beyond even further  limits.  I
love you /3
 Zerkman/Sector One

Been  there,  watched  that ;) All the prods were really great,  I hope
they will be released soon.

00:44  It  has been a great night here at stniccc 2015  with  hours  of
entertainment from the compos.  I wish all atariparties would have this
many entries in the compos. baggio / evo

01:47 So,  this was actually great! Jacky/ACF on the keys. Arrived very
late on the 2nd day,  but anyways...  I had lots of things to do for my
own company, so I am glad I finally had the time to participate at all.
Competitions are over and prices are given. Most people going to bed or
leaving  to their hotels (like myself soon).  Nice to see the old scene
again!  And  yes,  I  am  still watching all new demos released -  even
though  it's  on  YouTube.  So,  shoutouts to a few people I met  here:
Daryl,  LSL,  Agent -t-,  Tyrem, Oxygene, tIn, Samurai, etc. And groups
like NoExtra, HMD, Oxygene, OVL, Checkpoint, etc. Thanks to Richard for
organising  it  again  and looking forward to the next  STNICCC!  I  am
really  thinking  of releasing unfinished stuff then.  ;-) Really  sad,
that  I hadn't the time to speak to more guys here.  Maybe,  next time?
Laterz, Jacky/ACF Design Team


Well,  the obviously climactic day has drawn to an end,  and I am about
to hit the hay. I am told that I need to work on what Robb called "your
Los Angeles TV American accent", which I suppose will be my noble quest
to complete before STNICCC 2040.

I  have had countless experiences that need accounting,  however  right
now I am off and I hope I will have some more to write tomorrow.  Well,
I guess I mean later today.



earx  on  the  keys..  great  party.  many quality  releases  yesterday
evening.  an atari party is a crazy place.  in the end i think dforce's
falcon did get fixed after all.


I'm  the last man standing....it's Agent -t- on the keys...  it's relly
late,  the AVENA guys sleeping since hours,  but I had so much fun with
my  new  frensch  frinds here.  And with JAcky,  yes ...  we meet since
uncountable years here at STniccc.  And is was a pleasure.   what can I
say,  that whole thing was a great pleasure.  Rebooting Cream ,  making
pixelgrafik  after 10 yerars break,  making a STE Demo and hanging with
TAO,  ULTRA and Abyss at the Cream HQ last weekend.  I had so much fun.
And  what I didn't expect ,  I was complete schocked about the stuff  I
saw  on the democompetition...  really wasn't prepared to see ST  demos
again,  and  be  complete burned.  Greetings to all dudes who keep this
thing alive.  At least I just can hope,  we are back and having another
decade of democoding on the horizon. c ya all on the next session :)


Good night... Jacky is leaving the place. L8erz!


I had a blast at STNICCC2015. insane of tscc

Alonetrio  also  knows as NoNameNo AKA Antoine Santo Was  here  and  is
going to bed... I hope to catch all of you here tomorrow!!!!

Jace,  you  know the guy from "Reunion Island".  I'm really happy to be
here at STNICCC.  Too much I think, I'm still not in my "bed". Too much
fun,  too  much  people to meet,  even so late.  Hope to see more of you
tomorow, before quiting.


People  sleeping.  An  alarm goes of,  no-one responding.  Tomorrow most
people  will  go  back to work and "normal"  live  will  continue  asif
nothing  ever  happend.  In just over two weeks time this seat will  be
taken by a student unaware of everything that happend here, and unaware
of everything that has ever happend leading to this special event. It's
allways  a  pleasure  to be among people who probably  have  a  similar
mindset when they hear the words "cuddely", grotesque or spoon.

Fried of avena here.  I am blow away.  I am so glad to be here, so glad
that  Richard  went through all the trouble to organize a party  for  a
scene scattered so wide and far. Thanks Richard, we are in your debt. I
have  met all the people who shaped my career.  who made me wonder what
the  hell was wrong with my monitor,  when the tex intro did not have a
lower border. The great demos of old, inspiring me to start my own path
- late maybe for the scene,  but in retrospect our atari megademo of 92
is now old school, and the time spent in the falcon scene that ermerged
then where we played our small part.

The people here are great.  the demos yersterday were stunning, oxygene
and  sync showed that there is really no reason at all to stop  pushing
the envelope on the st.  So now soon we go home, but I am so happy that
I made the trip.  And whoa - I got to shake the hand of Rob Hubbard and
hear some of music history told by the man himself.  Awesome. I hope to
see  the familiar faces again somewhere some time.  Oh and a big thanks
must also go to Bartek for his heroic work in restoring so much of  the
scene hardware to working condition. You rock.

-Es-  of  TEX:  What  a  great  event - my mind  is  buzzing  with  the
awesomeness of yesterday's productions.  And a severe lack of sleep. So
all  is as it should be.  My only wish to the awesome "new" demo groups
out there: Let there be more glass bubbles! ;-)

1NG:  Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of fun yesterday!  I
definatly need some time to fully realize this cool event.  Nice people
doing  Atari stuff in various kinds.  This (and the amounts of  vanilla
fla I ate) makes it one more unforgettable experience in my life.  Hope
to see some people soon again!

Just  came  back to say bye.  See you all next time!  Jacky/ACF  Design

The  halls are very empty - either due to sceners leaving or  having  a
well  deserved lie-in this morning.  There might be some who are on the
guided  tour of Gouda too.  I got here too late to join that,  but I've
seen a lot of Gouda already as I got here on Thursday afternoon.

Time  to  wander through the halls and see who else is here  and,  more
importantly, actually awake.

Mug UK (or 'mug-ukk') as some people initially called me :)


And here I was thinking that it was "Mug Uck". Well hey.
There is a faint start of an exodus.


11:20 - Sammy Joe

25 Years years ago we were here in Holland for the first time. Now, the
thrid  STNICCC  is pretty much getting to the end.  It was  an  amazing
time, I am so glad I came to see all the guys from my past.

The most questions I was asked while staying at the STNICCC:

1) When and why did u cut your hair short?
   - my grandmother visited me in the UK, and youknow how pestering
     they can be. Hairs off.
2) Why dont you do any more stuf on the ST? When did u stop?
   - 1992 - I traded my Atari and all my discs for my first motorbike.
3) How did the Lost Boys start?
   When I moved to London from Germany, my parents invited all the
   neighbours in the road to our new home. Tim-Manikin and David-Spaz
   were amongst them. So, in the end, hadnt my parents not invited
   the nieghbours, the Lost Boys would propably never existed.
4) Do u still live in London?
   - No, I live in a small town near Ludwigsburg - Hemmingen - Germany.

25  five  years later I attend the STNICCC,  this time with my son  and
wife.  Hmmm,  strange enough, my son is now the crazy one, listening to
metal, longish hair..... He ist the same age as I was in 1990.

Its  so great so see all the people again after so many  years.  Seeing
the still active scene and what the guys still program on the ST.  Just

And  I want to thank the people putting the Lost Boys stuff in  Youtube
and on the homepages,  I love looking at our old stuff and the demos of
the others.

Another big THANKS goes to CHRIS HOLLAND for having kept Maggie alive
for so long!!

Now its time to say to good-bye - packing and heading back home. Hoping
and looking forward to the STNICCC XXXX

Yours Sammy Joe of The Lost Boys aka Michael Schuessler

P.S. Sleep all day, Party all night, never grow old, never die.
P.S.S. It was so nice seeing the other Lost Boys again after 25
       years. Re-Union. One might say, the Found Boys.

Thank you, and see ya all!


CiH logs on briefly,  admin update and backup needed. We're over 31k of
text,  which  is  cool.  Possibly  20k of that just added by Sammy  Joe
above. I'm off to lunch but will come back here slightly later on.

12:10  Baggio on the keys again after some much needed rest.  This  has
been  a great party and i hope i will be able to attend another one  in
about  15 years.  Inbetween that i am hoping for Jace/HMD to arrange  a
party at reunion island. It would be awesome. #atari4life

12:16 Wingleader/Synergy on this good old stacy2 never seen this  Atari
'laptop'  before in my life.  Even after 15 years not been active on my
Atari and been to Atari party's (STNICCC 2000 was the real last time  i
attended  a real Atari party) i still enjoy the old atmosphere.  Talked
to a lot of old Dutch sceners (MR NI!  and Inshallah) but also had some
breakfast  with  Omega  and listened  to  the  overscan/sync  scrolling
presentation  of SYNC.  Got excited by the demo's that where shown last
night. And even had a laugh at my old code and first compact disks from
1989  and today we are trying to make a scsi tape streamer work  to  be
able to read some old tapes.  So much memories so much years have flown

Signing off got something to eat,


Being  old and staying up well past bedtime meant I spent some  quality
time  in  my  hotel  bed this morning.  Then made  a  beeline  for  the
Koffiefabriek  where  I continued to wake up with strong coffee  and  a
slab  of  Dutch apple pie.  This has been an amazing experience so  far
with  so many blasts from the past my head is spinning.  Seeing the old
demos,  the Atari ST itself,  a computer I spent so many hours in front
of  peering  at  68000 assembly brought back floods  of  memories.  New
memories  were  made as well,  strolling through Gouda's charming  city
center,  eating cheese and stroopwafels and going on an epic restaurant
hunt last night still stay with me for a long time I am sure.

The competitions last night were great,  impressive stuff is being done
by people and it was fun to be on the jury.  Congratulations to all the
winners and may your STs run smooth and proper for many years to come!

I'm off to Amsterdam soon,  meeting up with my family who are currently
on  a plane from Stockholm.  This will be another goodbye to the  still
thriving  ST scene,  although I will likely to fire up an emulator  and
check  out  some  more demos in the days to come.  I think  I  need  to
introduce  my 12 year old son to what his dad used to do more  than  25
years ago...

Over and out.


with all the guys around.


This  realtime  is turning into a precious record of the  party  as  it
happened.  I'm  pleased with the performance of this STacey,  which has
sat  there uncomplaining over the whole three days.  It seems that  the
idea  of people using this machine was a welcome novelty.  So I'd judge
the realtime article to be a roaring success.

As  for  events  during the evening and after the  party,  my  personal
highlights are as follows:

1.  Doug  Little's awesome procedural feast of unexpanded Falcon feats.
Incidentally,  I  learned  over breakfast with Daniel Hedberg  that  we
missed  out on a demo from New Beat Developments,  as work was  started
but  a new child arrived to occupy the time instead!  Still,  something
will come out of that one day.

2.  The return of Cream, even if it wasn't the legendarily long awaited
'Heftig' demo.

3.  The  return of Oxygene in a really really special productions  that
contains  the  best  of  oldschool values.  I'll be one  of  the  first
shouting for a hard disk file version please!

4.  I'm not going to leave out Checkpoint, a bit rough around the edges
but a couple of really great screens.

5.   Paradox  managed  to  include  storytelling  in  their  new  demo,

In general,  the entries just kept on coming and coming. It's as if the
oldschool  scene  in particular had saved up all their stuff  over  the
last 15 years.

After  the  prizegiving ceremony,  we got back to a peaceful hotel.  My
room  had lost the comatose ex-room-mate.  A peaceful crashing onto the
pillows followed.

This  morning,  there was a sort of sequel to the events of the  Friday
night.  Bod  was in the hotel reception,  had recovered to some extent,
and  was very apologetic.  It also appeared that he may have trouble in
paying  for  his  room and the bottle of whisky (70-80  EUR!)  that  he
'purchased' from the hotel. I could see what was coming, so took a deep
breath  and walked the hell out.  By the time I let that breath out,  I
was in the town square!

Anyway,  back  at  the party place with a heavy sense of farewells  and



Things are indeed slowly but surely coming to an end here,  but what an
incredible  couple  of days!  So good to see all these people from  the
good  old  days,  with  quite a good representation by those  who  were
present the first time around in 1990 in Oss!

I  have been in touch practically live with some of my friends from  ST
Connexion,  and boy are they disappointed that they were not be able to

I'd  like to thank Richard for 1.  actually following up on his promise
to  organize  this  event  and 2.for doing such  an  excellent  job  on
everything  from  the  location to the available catering  and  3.  for
convincing  legends  such  as  Rob  Hubbard  and  Pete  Lyon  to  come.

Here's to another STNICCC in the future (?) And let's make sure we stay
in  touch,  because  I think we have proven that the ST allowed  us  to
meet,  but that our friendships are now deep and go beyond this amazing

All the best.

Klaus (Vantage / ST Connexion)


The last 2 days have been kind of spectacular. Its been 20+ years since
I last saw many of these people. I came from Los Angeles to be here and
it  has  been  so worth the trip.  I haven't made any demos  since  Ooh
Crikey  Wot a Scorcher about 23 years ago.  It was a special time and I
managed to make a great career in video games from the experience  that
I got finishing Demo screens.

I also made a bunch of friendships that have survived the test of  time
better than almost any others and for that I am extremely thankful.

Gouda  has turned out to be a wonderful place,  its been nice to get  a
taste  of  Europe just before xmas for the first time  in  many  years.
Thankyou Richard for organizing this,  its been lovely and I appreciate
being invited and all the work you put into getting this done.

Thx to everyone who came, I will be remembering this for years.

Tim Moss / Manikin / The Lost Boys

Hi everyone!

Leonard/OXYGENE  on the keybard.  We are more than proud to be part  of
that  amazing  party!  so  strange  to be there and see  so  many  Atar
legends! We released the We Were @ demo and won the first place, what a
great moment for atari people like us.

Thanks again to Richard to organize such an event ATARI and demo coding
really  change  my life direction.  I'm really proud to be part of  the
Atari demo scene

Arnaud Carre / Leonard / Oxygene

Bonjour tout le monde !

Atari scene is a very important part of me. So i am so grateful to
you all for teaching me so many things: asm code, pixels graphics,
and many more, like friendship!

Typing this text per example on a ST reminds me also the first  article
i made for the first french magazine about videogames.  Without you, my
life won't be the same.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to everyone.


Douglas Alves / Skaven / Invisibles+Masters

Hello all,

I want to thank Richard for organising this fantastic event. I was very
nice meeting all people who I only knew as names and it is great to see
them in person.

I'm  amazed that there still is so many activity on the Atari  ST.  The
number competition entries far exeeded my expectations. And the quality
was very high.  I never expected the things that were shown was posible
on the humble Atari ST.  Thank to all for this amzing weekend.  See you
at the next STNICCC :-)

Robert / The Atari Boys

Ah  that odd moment when you have to say goodbye to everybody,  you are
all  sad  and yet you need to write some words into the  realtime  blog
just  to  leave your tiny track in the history of  humanity  (and  more
importantly,  in the history of Atari).  So what to say?  Thank you all
for  those  great  times,  those  great demos and more  than  all  that
fantastic positive energy.  I am now 41, I started with my Atari around
the  age  of 14,  and hopefully I will still use it for many  years  to
come.  I  never  look  back  towards the past  just  to  remember  with
nostalgia  those cherished moments,  I look into the past to learn  and
bring back nowadays and for the future this positive energy and some of
the great coding techniques onto modern technology. This is what drives
me,  and  today that a lot of us are now brigning this spirit into many
diverses companies. Anyway. Time to go, there is a huge queue of people
queuing  behind  me.  New Beats will kill me.  See you all at the  next
STNICCC where hopefully I will have finally released my new program.

Splash / Sector One

yeah this was a great party, and i was very pleased to breath it again.
After 2 night sleeping on the ground i be back in time.  see you all in
not just in 15 years again.

Thyroxin of Avena
Atari RuleZZZ


Wow!  What  a  party!  How fun it has been to visit with all the people
from the Atari scene and to get to know some of the people starting  it
all.  The  number and quality of contributions to the competitions were
amazing.  Did  not  expect that!  I had planned to release something at
this  party but at the beginning of the year it was clear that I  would
have  another child,  and I kind of gave up the idea of even being able
to  come here.  Things turned out different,  I did have another child,
but  it wasn't enough to stop me from coming here.  Thank you Erika for
letting  me  go!  :-)  Lots of people standing in line too  give  their
contribution to this real-time Maggie article so I better quit and  let
the  others have a shot but before that I would like to  thank  Richard
for  organizing  this  fantastic  party!  It met and  exceeded  all  my
expectations. THANK YOU!

Daniel of New Beat


Amazing!  Had  a great time here in Gouda.  Meeting all the nice people
here  made it clear why i chose the Atari scene in the first place.  Im
really  going to remember the compo,  two hours of new releases made it
feel like 1991 all over again. I would like to thank Richard for making
all  this happen and my family for letting me go for the  weekend.  :-)
See you at Sommarhack if youre going.

Anders of New Beat


More and more people are leaving...  I had a great time at STNICCC 2015
and would like to thank Richard for inviting me to the event. My thanks
also  goes to all guys I met here and talked to.  Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!

Gerry (The Thalion Source)


Troed of SYNC here, just having come back from all the discussions that
happened  after  my  presentation  on  the  latest  overscan  and  sync
scrolling discoveries.  Fantastic audience,  and I got to meet a few of
the  key people involved in the creation of this fantastic part of  the
ST  lore.  Ilja  /  L16 solved the mystery of how he came up  with  the
perfect fullscreen scanline stabilizer by explaining it was pure  brute
force, trials and luck. I leave STNICCC with a lot more knowledge, pure
joy,  and an enormous feeling of accomplishment having done something I
never managed to do in the good old days. Release a demo on time.

Troed / SYNC


Redhead  of SYNC here.  Massively impressed of what I have seen  during
these  days and how people in the scene has relentlessly  kept  pushing
the limits of the Atari ST since I left the scene a long time ago. Very
pleased to meet old friends as well as new ones both from the old scene
and  people that came along after my time.  Got quite inspired to  play
around  with  the  old hardware again and  immediately  got  around  to
counting clock cycles...

Redhead / SYNC


Its  BoNuS of DBA/FUN finally having a go at this realtime  article  :)
Man,  these have been a good few day back on the Atari again,  I almost
fogot what fun we had with it.  Thanks Richard for another really great
party,  wouldn't have missed it for  the world !  Shame I couldn't show
my  new game on the big screen during the compo since it isn't  a  real
demo. But okay, I'll release a demo version fur sure so you can try it.
Otherwise I could always release at at the next STNICCC party ;)

Was really nice to see old friends again at the party, some really nice
demo's  and  musics at the party released.  So Atari is still  fighting
strong... Got to go now, other want to do their bit.

C'ya around !!!!


Just  to  say good bye to all of you:  I have secured a seat in  a  car
leaving  for the Amsterdam-Schipol at 4pm - thanks Mr.  Bee!  My flight
back to Copenhagen is at 8.15pm, so no stress.

My  friends from ST Connexion have been kept informed practically  live
of everything and I can tell you that they are even more sad that  they
were  not able to join.  I can't wait to tell Sengan (Alien) about  the
lovely  feedback given by Troed on his work on our Punish Your  Machine
screen this morning.

Seeing  all these friends from the past has been amazing.  You all take
good care of yourselves,  and on behalf of all ST Connexion members,  I
wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2016. Oh, and thank you
Jack  Tramiel,  Shiraz  Shivji & Co for having created  this  wonderful
machine and changed our lives.

Klaus (Vantage / ST Connexion)


I  was  very happy to come to an STNICC convention for the  first  time
after all these years... I am back on the ST after 18 years of absence.
So  I was very happy so meet again and discuss with great  people  from
the scene who got older like me ;)

Also  impressed  by all the good work that has been  produced  for  the
convention  and to see that a lot of new tricks have been  experimented
during these 18 years...

I  wish  a  merry  Christmas  to all  ST  demosceners  and  thanks  the
organizers for this great convention.

Jerome (Metal Ages - Cybernetics)


I  had a wonderful time here.  Marvelous to meet all those oldschoolers
and  some  of my sceme heroes.  Hippel and Hubbard are really  friendly
people,   who  also  steel  understand  than  some  persons  are  still
interested  in doing things on ST.  Also great to my all the long  time
friends and also some recent new or back comers.

Competitions  have  also  been super interesting,  wonderful  show.  So
thanks to Richard and all other organisers for this amazing histrorical



It was asome to meet all the atari st scene people once again after all
those years. Organization and productions showed were brillant! Hope to
meet  you  again  on the next party,  maybe Sillyventure 2016  or  some

Artur Karwatka / Vat / Luzak Team


It's  been a while since I used my Atari,  and honestly I didn't expect
much  by  coming here - all I wanted was to meet old friends  and  have
some  laughs.   What  I've seen is mindblowing - a real,  living  scene
dedicated to computer produced 30 years ago, pushing it even further to
its limits.  I'm so happy I could spend few days among the smartest and
most creative human beings I know,  thank you guys. And extra thanks to
Richard  for  organising  this  event.  Keep on rocking!  And  come  to
Sillyventure in 2016. :-)

Maciej Matysiak


What  an amazing time I had,  first of all I want to thanks Richard for
organizing this event. It has been great to spend time with people that
became  friends that I hadn't seen for such a long time.  Richard asked
me  to  be  part of the jury,  he made me a great favour and it  was  a
honour  for me to accept.  I have been amazed to see that there was  so
many  entries for the competition.  Judging was hard especially between
the different criteria:  technical,  design, machine constraints and so

Time flies and it has been difficult to find time to write in this real
time article, as I was busy to discuss with people, but now that people
are heading off, and there is a queue waiting to write! I can't believe
that  our last production was 22 years ago!  And ever more that  people
cary  on  with some passion.  Presentation of Troed from Sync is  great
example.  I hope to be able to keep in touch with some of you.  I would
like to write more but it is time to go.

Thanks everybody for the great time.

Patrick Bricout aka Mr Bee from The Overlanders


I had such a wonderful time meeting again with old friends from the old
days, as well as newer teams still keeping the flame alive! Needless to
say, meeting with living legends such as Rob Hubbard and Peter Lyon was
also fantastic.

The  demo competition was awesome,  seeing how people keep pushing  the
envelope,  sharing their passion with everybody... I felt just the same
as  when I was a still a teenager watching the latest productions  from
our masters at the time, The Union and others legends.

My  sincere  congratulations to all the people who spent the  time  and
passion  to make and show their productions for this convention,  and I
am  sincerely  feeling grateful for Richard organizing  this  wonderful
event,  reuniting  such  great  people and giving us a  so  great  time
reuniting all together.  Thanks you Richard!! And we sincerely hope for
the next convention, secretely expecting that it will be not too far in
the future ;).

David Mistouflet aka Dim from The Overlanders

16:19 Wingleader, So the party is ending we've just packed our stuff in
the  car  and  speaking to old and new friends and  had  lot's  fun  of
watching  the  old  stuff.  Trying old scsi dat tapes with  a  new/used
tapestreamer  supplied by Tos-crew and ruined all my old tapes ;-(  but
it gave some room so that i don't have to bring them home. Hopefully we
will see eachother in 5 years in stead of 15 of 25 @richard ;-). Two or
three  days before it starts it sounds thats a lot of time  untill  you
are  there  than  time flies and before you know  you  can  pickup  the
goodybag and drive back home  ;-(.

To  all who attended the STNICCC 2015 enjoy your lives,  enjoy the time
you have with your loved ones before you now live takes a strange turn.

16:25  BoNuS again,  just to say packed the car and all my stuff.  Just
back  on the keys to say we needs this event again in 5 years from  now
:) Sad its over already,  would have liked a day more on the Atari with
friends. Atari people are a good bunch to have around and be around...

16:34 Can it be?  Will this real-time artcle actually have some content
from  the  most prolific real-time article blatherer this side  of  the
digital divide?  Yes, yes it will! This is TNS from AEnigmatica and The
Quartermass Experiment.  I have been reliably informed that this RTA is
not 'valid' without my input. Well, here it is.

And  what  a rush it is!  Meeting people after 25 years who  I  thought
probably dead or at least severely inconvenienced.  Writing on a museum
piece of a Stacy and actually doing not much more than relaxing in  the
Zen tent.

I'm  sadly  also leaving very soon.  It's been a blast  meeting  people
again  and  for the first time.  My main take-aways from this  glorious
convention:  Music to meditate by and a brilliant Christmas CD.  As you

People,  stay safe and have a good trip back home.  I know I will.  Oh,
and apologies again for the lack of Brainwalk II.  It will come at some
point, I promise!

16:45  What  a  fantastic weekend with  fellow  Atari  enthusiasts  and
sceners!   The  time has come where everyone is packing up and ready to
go.   Let's hope we don't have to wait too long for the next party.   A
fantastically  organised event by Chronos with some great demos,  music
and graphics.  Especially enjoyed Oxygene's demo and gwEn's music.   It
was lovely to meet some people I've  known for many years,  known about
for many years, and innovators of their time.

A  chip music masterclass has been one of the highlights of  the  event
for  me,  listening and watching Jochen Hippel demonstrate his tracker,
while  DMA-SC  and gwEn watched with interest.   It was also a  special
experience  watching  and  listening  to  gwEn  demonstrate  his  great
maxYMiser  tracker.   I  would not of believed in my wildest  dreams  I
would be sitting next to such guys watching what they were doing - true

Time to sign off now,  until next time.  Back to reality, and Christmas
Stay Atari!!

/|\ Tronic of Effect /|\

16:54 :  Time to leave ...  It was a really great convention and It's a
big pleasure to be here.  It was so cool and fun.  It was a really nice
to meet again Atari sceners especially some that I seen last time  more
than  20 years ago.  Thanks to everybody to be so cool and a really big
hup to Cronos to have organized this huge convention.

Special  message to Cronos,  please don't wait 15 years to organize the
next STNICCC ;)

Atari for life !!!

Megadeth from The Pendragons / Prism

17:06:  All  good things must come to an end unfortunately.  What can i
say that hasn't been said before? It was a great party and i would have
never  expected  to meet the very people who got me  started  in  doing
demos and graphics. Meeting Pete Lyon was a blast since he's one of the
guy whose artwork inspired me back in the days. Sometimes you put a lot
of  expectations in people and you can end up sorely  disappointed.  It
hasn't been the case here,  Pete is one of the most humble and talented
artist i've had the privilege to meet.  And the same can be said of all
the legends i've met here.

Thanks  to the scene for having been such an inspiration and  thanks  a
lot to the man,  Richard Karsmakers, for having pulled out such a great

Mic/Dune signing off

17:18  Finally  I  had some time to write  something  in  the  realtime
article and....it will be the last one as well unfortunately. :-(

Just because the party has almost come to an end.

I  was quite blown away by meeting up all these people from  the  past,
seeing some great demo's and hearing some great musix as well.

Next  time  however I will be sleeping in a hotel instead  of  oldskool
style  on  a  small matras with some guys snoring  and  farting  in  my
surroundings...oh man, that was quite awfull...

Anyways...thank  you  to  all  you guys for  the  great  happening  and
especially to Richard (Crono) for organizing such a great event!!!

Hope to see you at the next event...where and whenever that may be! ;-)

Hotmailer (aka The Hardware Underground) signing off!!

Thanks for this good party
Time to quit with my head full of good souvenirs ...
See u dudes


This  is  the  first  time I've got on here in  ages.  There's  been  a
constant queue of people saying goodbye to the party in realtime form.

The last admin update, about an hour or so ago, contained nearly 40-50k
of text. There will be more to add shortly. I'm not sure what time this
is  going to close down,  but we're out of here right at the end of the
party,  which is around 20:30 hours.  I guess a lot will depend on when
Mr Cronos decides to have his last words on here.

As for the party, it has been another of the legends, but possibly this
time, the description carries a little more weight than usual. There is
going  to be a first person viewpoint report from myself in Maggie,  as
well  as this realtime.  But it is fair to say that this will be one of
the epic realtimes of all time when it is done.


17:42 Well, I couldn't leave just a couple of words on this article, so
I'm  (Hotmailer) back for this moment to take the opportunity  to  type
some more things about the thing I did see and hear.

It  was great to meet up with people from the past,  but also great  to
speak  with such great people as Rob Hubbard and other people from  the
scene.  Well  Richard  and Ruth are standing nearby be so I  will  wrap
things up so that they can write something as well.

Bye everyone! So long and thanks for all the fish!!!!

Hotmailer (aka the Hardware Underground) signing off.....

Cronos'  wife  (Ruth)  here.  I  had a lot  of  fum  meeting  everyone.
Especially  talking  different  languages and seeing my  bubby  in  his
element.  Enjoyed  the  cill zone,  the tea and especially the company.
Hope to see you all in 2040.

17:57 Just trying to describe the last few days and can't come up  with
proper words.  Let's just say it was a complete blast!  Meeting alot of
theold  people,  even some German Alliance fellows - I really  wouldn't
have  thought  to  be meeting people from so far  back.  Oldschool  and
Oldschoolest.  Having  seen  things  in the compo  that  simply  aren't
possible did it's part to to classify this party as unreal.  We have to
convince Cronos to do another one!



The  day is slowly crawling to a close.  About 20-30 people remain (the
true  hard  core,  I  guess).  Many  partings,  a lot of sweet  sorrow.
Facebook is filling with testimonies, selfies and ussies. Warm feeling.
Oh, and hunger, yes. Hunger.



My chance to become immortal as Richard said.
This time I made it to STNICC.
And it was worth it for the Goodie bag alone!
Thanks Richard!



So, this was STNICCC (almost). It was a once in a lifetime experience
and definetly not your average demo party. A lot of entries in the
competitions, a lot of nice people of the new school, a lot of nice
people of the old school. So manz thanks to Richard for making this

The Paranoid / Paradox

Time is relative. So is passion. There are a few, who transcend
boundaries and create a timeless network. We are lucky to have such a
unique, friendly, loyal and awesome HUB. Thank you, Richard and Ruth!
.Chris of ULM

20:00  illegal of replicants :  what a bloody qwerty keyboard.  i leave
stniccc  now.  i am so glad to have met friends and all of the good old
scene.  id love this would happen again soon. get in touch with me. and
remember  what  is good for you is to stay as young as you are  and  of
course hack the absurdity om this planet.  cheers,  kiss, friendship to
you  all  including coders,  swappers,  crackers,  and lamers...  ;)

 see ya...


The end is getting nigher. The 'fat lady' singing to close down this
epically proportioned realtime article will be Richard K, Mr Cronos

The last few people are knocking down the tents, so to speak.

So it's goodbye from me, and see you at another party soon(ish).

Tata for now.



Anxious is the proper word for how I feel now I have had bestowed upon
my tired shoulders the honour of wrapping up the Real Time Article.
There must be something literary or historical happening, or both, or
quite possibly neither. At any rate, the Convention has been rather a
resounding succes surrounded by general utterings in the vein of "yay"
or, indeed, "woohoo!".

I  fear  I might have said before that it was the best  weekend  of  my
life,  but  I  now have to conclude that this was no mere hyperbole  or
other exaggeration. In fact it was and is true.

I am very happy, I am very content. I am also very beat so this was it.


   ------- Official End of STNICCC 25th realtime article!! --------

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