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Ascii Cartoons. - CiH puts his dodgy ASCII art skills on view yet again, in this modest gallery of cartoons. (.txt.file)

Poetry Corner! - The 'thing' that made golden age Maggie issues so, memorable? Now it's crawled back out of its cellar and worse than ever!

The Ultimate Demo Party Invite! - Tired of decorum and good manners? The fightback for traditional Demoscene (early C64) values starts here!

To Boldly go?! - We explain why owning and operating some of our favourite science fiction starships should remain fictional!

The Curious Case of the Robot Prostitute? - So just what are the plans for world domination of the current Atari owner? We reveal as much as we dare to in here!

Banksy Ideas? - Jody Smith has a Twitter account and a slight tendency to impersonate famous cultural figures. In this case, it's graffiti guru Banksy getting the treatment.

1940's Pulp Sci-Fi covers are funny! - We take a bunch of cool artwork from the golden age of science fiction, and caption it to death!

Escape from the Redshirt Starship! - This guy wakes up, as if in a dream, but it's not a dream. He's in a dire situation, now how does he get out of it?

00oo - Maggie 25th Anniversary - Released Jan 2016.. - oo00