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Where are they now? - We catch up on the current movements of the Maggie Team, well as many of them as we can. The response was quite gratifying.

A letter from Mike Noyce - One former contributor has spent a little more time on his entry to the 'Where are they now?' category. It was big enough for its own text.

Some musings from Tat - Some reflections from Tat on his scene life and times. What is the right sort of 'caring' anyway? He answers that question here.

Jody Smith in 2015 - A fondly recalled writer provides a welcome update. It's as if randomness, written about in a thoughtful considered manner, never went away.

The Maggie Lifetime Awards - These are for the persistent long stayers and workers, the people who has the most long term impact on the Atariscene.

Maggie Moments - A fond and lengthy look back at the beast that was the Maggie diskmag, issue by issue, and from start to finish!

Maggie Special Issues - A shorter version of the text file immediately above. This one looks back at the one-off themed special issues.

Now here's an unexpected extra thing. At the STNICCC party, we met up with a long vanished former diskmag editor, Sietse 'Slimer' Postma. In his hand he clutched the remnants of what was supposed to be his part of the forthcoming but unreleased Diskbusters Mag issue 15. Having kept this safely cherished, he passed this to me, to rekindle the flame, as it were. These survivors are of historical interest, but hopefully still enjoyable after all these years. (Note:- There were some contributions by me as well, but as these were re-used later on, they were mostly ditched.)

E d i t o r i a l . .

Another editorial - Slimer is back, there is something about fruit flies that is bothering him? Or it's his way of introducing this DBA 'Mini Mag' concept perhaps?

Letters to the Editor - These 1996-era emails have waited a long long time for a response. Well here it is, let's hope the wait was worth it!

G a m e s . .

Hoverstrike (Jaguar) - A 'missing in action' game review for the Atari Jaguar. Hoverstrike gets the lowdown, twenty years on!

Rayman (Jaguar) - UBISoft's hit platformer for the Jag gets an overdue appraisal from the lord of the Diskbusters keyboard.

M u l t i m e d i a . .

CD Review Part 1. - For fans of justified and ancient Dutch Rave and Hardcore albums, Slimer treats us to some very belated reviews indeed!

CD Review Part 2. - I'm sure you can guess what this one is all about already. No, it's definitely not about Robbie Williams!

P a r t y - R e p o r t . .

Mekka Symposium '96 Report. - Yet another point of view for the party that I'm doomed never to escape from! It's that poo-plopping, cow tipping, food stealing Mekka Symposium 1996!

H u m o u r . .

How to fake a realtime text! - Something of mine, written 'live at the party' which made it. I'm not so sure it should have done? Still, too late now.

The return of Gigaman! - It's the Diskbusters tiny pixelled lame superhero in a brand new cartoon adventure! Also with a bonus interview as well!

00oo - Maggie 25th Anniversary - Released Jan 2016.. - oo00